The difficult first post …

The Ironbath has been thinking about doing THIS for a time now – although he still isn’t exactly sure what THIS actually is. His idea is – vaugely – that THIS will be a home to links to great music and information about the type of music that the Ironbath is passionate about. It may well possibly contain more stuff in the future, although the Ironbath was rather unclear on what this might be, but he was clear that ultimately THIS – like life – would be all about the music

The Ironbath has been a listener to music since his creation. Possibly it was a couple of Chet Atkins recordings that fell into his hands that led him to buy his first single: The Lotus Eaters – First Picture Of You. It seems appropriate that the Ironbath’s first post should include the first single that he bought way back when.




About Ironbath

The Ironbath is a passionate music lover.
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