Reggae goes country

As a regular Carribean cruiser chillin’ out listening to music under the warmth of the sun the Ironbath has always thought that Cayamo could benefit from the touch of a Reggae vibe. This latest compilation, ‘Reggae Goes Country’ may just fit the bill, and if they can’t fit on the deck they may will be found nestling on the Ironbath’s iPod next February.

These mixed genre albums either strike gold or else fall on their proverbial. The Ironbath can’t comment on this one based only on the 20 second samples on but it shows promise.

It reminds the Ironbath of a similar project from 1994 or there abouts called ‘Rhythm, Country and Blues’ that had country stars duet with rhythm and blues performers playing a mix of classic songs.

The Ironbath loved this album at the time, and it still regularily comes up on his iPod. It is such a treat to hear Al Green duet with Lyle Lovett on ‘Funny How Time Slips Away’ or Tanya Tucker rock out with Little Richard (well it was the 90’s!). The Ironbath’s favourite tracks are Patti LaBelle & Travis Tritt on ‘When Something Is Wrong With My Baby’ and Chet Atkins & Allen Toussaint on ‘Southern Nights’. Now, when he started this little project the Ironbath would never have thought that Chet Atkins would get 2 mentions quite so quickly!

It looks like this album is still in stock at and you can preview the tracks, although the track listings are incomplete as all tracks are cross genre duets.


About Ironbath

The Ironbath is a passionate music lover.
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