Top 5 female performers who should be on Cayamo

It looks as if the Cayamo 2012 line up is more or less complete with something like 37 performers announced although it is evident that male performers out number female by about 2 to 1. The Ironbath would like to propose 5 female artists (in no particular order) who have perfect Cayamo potential.

  1. Devon Sproule– Devon has a bluegrass pedigree but plays contemporary songs, often accompanied by husband, Paul Curreri.
  2. Frazey Ford – After 10 years with The Be Good Tanya’s Frazey has gone solo with her unique style. Frazey Ford – If You Gonna Go (Obadiah)
  3. Caitlin Rose – Daughter of leading Nashville songwriter, Liz Rose, Caitlin has a confident and mature vocal. Caitlin Rose – Own Side Now (Own Side Now)
  4. Kris Delmhorst – Kris has been playing for years and is a great songwriter that has never seemed to have found the widespread recognition that she deserves. Kris Delmhorst – Love & Everything (Horses Swimming)
  5. Elizabeth Cook– Listening to Elizabeth sing or talk you’d be forgiven to think you’re hearing Dolly Parton at her finest.


About Ironbath

The Ironbath is a passionate music lover.
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