Katie Herzig makes a noise

Katie Herzig joined Cayamo in 2009 & 2010 and instantly became hugely popular. As far as the Ironbath was concerned ‘Wish You Well’ was the perfect theme song for Cayamo 2009 and he captured this video in the Atrium.

A couple of years later and Katie has moved on to a new album: The Waking Sleep, which is released on Monday

Direct Current has a preview track, ‘Make A Noise’ that is seated firmly on the pop side of the musical spectrum with some interesting percussion. The Ironbath hopes that the full album contains a few tracks that utilise their beautiful harmonies.

Katie Herzig – Make A Noise

Katie is currently on the fourth annual 10 Out Of Tenn tour which highlights the new generation of Tennessean musicians – The Ironbath imagines that the fact that Katie comes from Colorado has somehow escaped their attention.

So whilst Katie is looking forward to her new album the Ironbath thought that he would look back to the time before her Grammy nomination, before her music was used in mega commercials and before she features at significant moments in hit TV series, and before those wonderful Cayamo performances.

Back to May 2008 and her session with Jordan & Clare for KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic. You can stream the whole thing HERE where you hear a softer, more mellow sound that lacks a little of the confidence that she has developed since but sounds friendly and welcoming.

Songbird I Want To Belong To You  Forevermore Wish You Well Crazy Hologram Shovel

And you can download the whole set as zip file HERE


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The Ironbath is a passionate music lover.
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