Dipping back to February

The Ironbath was fortunate to date Cayamo’s slightly older sister, Ships & Dip IV earlier this year. S & D might share DNA but has a different personality. Whilst Cayamo was studying hard and reading poetry, Ships & Dip was dyeing her hair and playing loud music. The Ironbath thoroughly enjoyed his flirtation, even if dating your best friend’s sister is a little weird – especially on NCL Dawn, the scene of so many good times on Cayamo.

One of the first performers the Ironbath saw also turned out to be one of the best. Ben Kweller has been on the outer reaches of his radar for a few years. He appeared on an obscure compilation with a track that made the Ironbath go “umm, may be”. And that was just about that until he was sat 5 rows back in The Stardust mesmermised by Ben’s easy going, beautiful song writing effortlessly floating between songs with barely a pause. He started the set with just him and his guitar, then stepped up a gear when he moved to the piano and took a Billy Joel-esque romp through another 8 or 10 songs in the next 30 minutes.

The Stardust is a great theatre but it takes a real talent for an unaccompanied performer to fill that stage. The Ironbath has seen many great performers stand on that piece of wood and Ben Kweller’s performance was up there with the best.

Later on in the cruise Ben performed another set in the Spinnaker Lounge that the Ironbath managed to video. For this track, ‘Thirteen‘, Ben was joined by Jim Creeggan, the bass player from the Bare Naked Ladies for a remarkable version where both performers really found a sweet spot.

The woman who rather rudely walks in front of the picture to take a picture happens to be Ben’s wife!

Another great singer that appeared on the boat wasn’t on the Ironbath’s radar at all. Ed Robertson, lead singer with the Bare Naked Ladies (and himself a former Cayamoan) described Jason Plumb as someone more likely to be the person saying “No son of mine is going to be a singer” than being the performer of such delicate beautiful songs himself.

Another Dipper captured a really great performance by Jason. Here he is in the Stardust supported by the Bare Naked Ladies on a track called ‘Break Your Heart’.


About Ironbath

The Ironbath is a passionate music lover.
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