10 songs from Marc Broussard (for free!)

Former Cayamoan, Marc Broussard, gave a couple of wonderfully unique performances on Cayamo 2009 when he arrived on the boat with his Dad, Ted Broussard. He was relaxed and happy playing acoustic without much of a playlist, and Ted – also his original guitar teacher –  was happy to tell stories that, perhaps, Marc would have liked to have kept to himeself.

Noise Trade is offering 10 tracks including duets with Sara Bareilles and LeAnn Rimes along with 4 new tracks. Not a bad deal!

The Ironbath took a video of Marc and his dad playing a great acoustic version of ‘Home‘ on Cayamo 2009 in the Spinnaker Lounge. Unfortunately the video was a little compromised since there was a person in a particuarly awkward location that prevented the Ironbath from focussing on Ted so you miss seeing him break a string but it didn’t affect the performance (and the Ironbath can think of a few people who won’t mind focussing solely on Marc!).

A little later that evening the Ironbath happened to be visiting the washrooms, and who should he find at the next urinal, but Marc himself. Cayamo really is a festival where everyone has a backstage pass and you mingle with the performers [although on this occassion the Ironbath chose not to shake hands!].


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The Ironbath is a passionate music lover.
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