Top 5: Male performers for Cayamo

A little while back the Ironbath championed the cause of 5 female performers who would be great on Cayamo. Today features the top 5 potential male cayamoans, in no particular order:


The Tallest Man On Earth – Website

We’re starting with someone who has a love-it or hate-it vocal, but has a distinctive edge and the more you listen to it the more you’ll find yourself moving towards the love-it camp.


Joe Pug – WebsiteDaytrotter

The Ironbath saw Joe Pug at the Cambridge Folk Festival in 2010 and was mightily impressed by his Dylanesque song constructions. He has a tremendous depth to his vocal that he uses to great effect on his powerful compositions.


Ben Sollee – Website Daytrotter

Sliding comfortably between something that sounds like jazz and something that sounds like americana country, Ben and his cello provide an utterly unique take on music. Just imagine the collaborations that could take place on board if Ben was around.


Ben Kweller – Website Daytrotter

Ben has featured on this blog last month when the Ironbath was recollecting his trip on Ship & Dips IV. Ben would be a natural Cayamoan with his flawless songwriting, voical, keyboard playing & guitar strumming, even if he does look like he’s only 12 years old.


Justin Townes Earle – WebsiteDaytrotter

Justin has developed a musical career away from the shadow cast by his father. He looks different and sounds different but is equally talented and deserves a place on the boat purely on his own right.


Cayamo has a reputation for families so Justin Townes Earle would be a great addition on board should his father return. This video shows the magic that they might create together on stage.







About Ironbath

The Ironbath is a passionate music lover.
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