New Releases: Indigo Girls & Will Hoge

There seems to be a cycle in music that results in a splurge* in new music around October. The Ironbath would like to think that it is caused by the gravitational pull of the moon which drops new music like leaves fall from trees around this time of year. Or perhaps a musician’s diary reads something like: Spring- Record, Summer – Festivals, Autumn (Fall) – CD Launch & Tour, Winter – contemplate next album. Or perhaps it is simply because civilians need a list of new albums that Cayamoans haven’t already got in time for Christmas.

At least with web retailing it has removed the need for civilians to venture into a music shop (remember them?) and embarrassingly request half a dozen CDs where they don’t know which is the title of the album and which is the name of the band. When the Ironbath worked in a music shop he was once requested a CD by the “Blue Sisters”… some minutes passed before the penny dropped and he was able to supply a copy of the Indigo Girls latest album **.

It seems that Cayamoans are no different and there are many new CDs on offer at the moment. Katie Herzig’s The Waking Sleep and Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers ‘Gift Horse’ have already been mentioned. Below are 2 more (with another 2 tomorrow):

Indigo Girls – Beauty Queen Sister – Website

Speaking of the Blue Sisters – ermmm – Indigo Girls. They’ve released their 13th studio album and the 3rd from the last 3 years. The Ironbath hasn’t heard it yet so can’t comment except to say that some of their albums have been majestic creations whilst others have slipped passed without much notice. Let’s all hope that this is from the former category but their strike rate in recent years hasn’t been great.

American Songwriter magazine seems to have an exclusive track that the Ironbath isn’t too proud to purloin. An acoustic version of a track, ‘Share The Moon’ that appears on the new album.

Indigo Girls – Share The Moon (acoustic)

Will Hoge – Number 7 – Website

Will was a first time Cayamoan that proved extremely popular earlier this year. This shouldn’t have been a surprise since he has been extremely popular on Rock Boat for years. His 7th album titled ‘Number 7’ has just been released. 

From what he’s heard the Ironbath feels that the production has a touch too much ‘twang’ and not enough ‘grit’ *** . This – along with the ‘choir’ of overdubs that features on the album version of ‘No Man’s Land’ – might make it more radio friendly in Nashville but it doesn’t seem to capture the sound that the Ironbath heard on Cayamo. 

Direct Current have a couple of tracks from the new album.

When I get My Wings

Trying To Be A Man

And here is a performance of ‘No Man’s Land’ (also featured on the album) that Will performed during his set with Scott Miller on Cayamo for World Cafe with David Dye.

* The Ironbath can not be sure that this is the correct collective noun for releases.

** True story.

*** The Ironbath presumes that all recording studios come equipped with knobs labelled ‘Twang’ and ‘Grit’.


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