Some bad news and a little something from James McMurtry

There is nothing that sells blogs like bad news.. or so they say (or something like that). So the Ironbath has returned from his little blog vacation with news that Daytrotter has finally become monetarised. Which means that (soon) you’ll have to pay (a little) to download unique live sessions by some of the most exciting new (and often not-so-new) artists.

After an initial trial it’ll cost you $2 per month to access the Daytrotter website. On the upside they are now promising to upload 3 sessions every day, and the quality is supposedly rising (not that the Ironbath ever thought it is shabby before).

If you’re not familiar with Daytrotter I’ll explain: Recording studio in Minneapolis that publishes 4 or 5 song sessions by unsigned bands, upcoming bands, established niche artists and the occasional legend. Each song is recorded live, often (but not always) acoustic or simplified versions of their repertoire. Mostly the recording production is spot on. Each session is accompanied by an interpretive portrait painting that reflects the tone of the music. and a Joyceian text that describes (or more often doesn’t) the artist.

The Ironbath grew up on music discovered in the sales bins from dingey record shops. Selecting 45’s based on the artist’s name – often trying to convince himself that he had heard the song on the radio. The cover art was also critical to the sales decision together with whether the record was still round after it had sat in the sales bin in the sun for several weeks. Oh and the price, of course – 15 p was a bargain but if the sleeve had an enticing glossy picture he’d go up to 99 p. Truth be told there were some singles that the Ironbath bought simply because after many weeks they were still in the bargain bin and he felt sorry for them.

And every record the Ironbath bought was a gem that was played to death on his Ferguson music centre that had touch controls.

Daytrotter has the same feel. You can lose a few hours or even a day scrolling through lists of sessions stopping every time you encounter a peculiar band name or if their portrait catches your eye. There really is no limit to the musical variety that you’ll find at the site. Much of the music does seem to align to the Indie rock pop scene that Paste write about but that does reflect much of what is being created.

Over the next few weeks the Ironbath is going to highlight some of his favourite sessions from Daytrotter, but in the meantime let’s kick off with a very recent session by laconic Cayamoan, James McMurtry.

Daytrotter – James McMurty

  1. Down Across The Delaware
  2. We Can’t Make It Here
  3. No More Buffalo
  4. Peter Pan

Click across to Daytrotter and discover something that you never knew you loved.


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