Top 5: Honorary Cayamoans

Across the block in Cayamo-land everyone has a wish list for people who they’d like to see on board, and the Ironbath is no different and has already nominated his Top 5: Female Artists & Top 5: Male Artists. But there are some fantastic artists that unfortunately will never make it on board.

The Ironbath would like to unofficially, completely arbitrarily and with little due process nominate the Top 5 artists that would have been fantastic people to have on board, but who are no longer with us.

1, Johnny Cash

The reinvention of Johnny Cash in his later years through the American Recordings series demonstrated his unique vocal in such a way . Listen to that voice that flows like molten silver with an authority and purpose, but also has a touch of weakness and regret. He may have died but he will be remembered as the coolest country performer.


2, June Carter Cash

Cayamo is about musical families, and what a treat it would have been to have had June Carter Cash share the Spinnaker stage with Johnny Cash. This video gives a taste of what might have been experienced. When June misses the lyrics there is such a humility in both of their reactions and the love that they had is clear for all to see.


3, Bert Jansch

When I first came to write this list a couple of months back, the unassuming Bert Jansch did not qualify. Unfortunately he finally succumbed to cancer on October 5th this year. Many people won’t recognise his name but initially through the highly influential English folk band, Pentangle and later through his (greatly underrated) solo work he was a real talent – the type of person that great musicians name as the best. Neil Young credited Bert as a great influence to Buffalo Springfield and invited him to tour with him in his final years.


This song ‘Walk Quietly By’ is from the Ironbath’s favourite Jansch album ‘When The Circus Comes To Town’. There is such a stark beauty in his playing. He was most certainly a reluctant hero from the folk scene.


4, John Lennon

Who knows what would have happened if John Lennon had not been shot? Would the Beatles ever reformed? – Possibly not, but by 1980 he had reemerged with great new material. Perhaps, had he survived, he’d have gone on writing classic songs. He is the songwriter’s songwriter. He’d have probably formed another band eventually, then in his later years may be – just may be – he’d have been a headliner on Cayamo. Well may be. …


5, Townes Van Zandt

The Ironbath cannot claim great knowledge about Townes. All that he knows has been learnt through Steve Earle from his biography and from his personal tribute album to his friend and mentor, ‘Townes’. It might not be much but it is enough to be certain that Townes would have rocked Cayamo.


Who would you like to nominate as an honorary Cayamoan? Please comment below with your suggestions.


About Ironbath

The Ironbath is a passionate music lover.
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2 Responses to Top 5: Honorary Cayamoans

  1. Trinity says:

    Because I’m a Spinnaker girl – Harry Chapin, Jeff Buckley, Jeff Healey

  2. Maryellen says:

    Great post Ironbath! I have often wondered what John Lennon would have done to music and the music industry if he had not been cut down so violently, so young. Cheers!

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