Good Golly Red Molly

Question: What sounds sweeter than a two part harmony?

The correct answer is a three part harmony, ofcourse!

Red Molly were formed – or so the marketing blurb goes – around the campfire at the Falconridge Folk Festival back in 2004. They have gone on to record 4 CDs & an EP as Red Molly, and the past and present members have released a further 9 solo albums. The latest under the Red Molly name ‘Light In The Sky’ has just been released. It seems that they are neither lacking songs or enthusiasm.

As music goes around in circles their contemporary take on the singing style of the 1940’s & 50’s seems to be the coolest fashion at the moment. Listening to Red Molly you might think that they are from the soundtrack of ‘Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?’ – crouched around a single radio microphone singing for the share of a shinny silver dollar.

Red Molly recently recorded a session over at the Mountain Stage. You can hear a couple of tracks below and download the whole caboodle in this iPod friendly Zip.

Hold It All – Red Molly – Live On Mountain Stage

Dear Someone – Red Molly – Live On Mountain Stage


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