Top 5: Covers of Cayamoans

The Ironbath loves a good cover version. There is a distinct difference between a cover version and a copy. The former requires the performer to deliver someone else’s song in their own style. Whereas a copy is simply when a performer tries to mimic the original performance.

The Ironbath has scoured the internet for the Top 5 covers of songs from Cayamoans:

1, Beeswing (Richard Thompson) – Paolo Nutini

This is a beautiful track by Richard Thompson and one of the Ironbath’s absolute favourites. This  version by Scottish Italian, Paolo Nutini has an entirely different character. It was recorded from Dermot O’Leary’s Saturday Session and is available on an excellent double CD.

Beeswing(Richard Thompson) – Paolo Nutini

2, Angel From Montgomery (John Prine) – Girl Parts

Girl Parts – Kacie & Briana – are mounting a well organised and sustained insurgency against Sixthman in order to secure a place on Cayamo by performing songs in their bathroom. Previously they have covered The Civil Wars ‘Barton Hollow’ and Richard Thompson ‘Dimming Of The Day’ but their latest offering is by John Prine. The Ironbath thinks that Sixthman will have to surrender.


3, The Story (Brandi Carlile) – Ian Bender

There are a thousand covers of this song on YouTube. Most are pretty tough listening but this version caught the Ironbath’s ear. You can also play and download a few of his original compositions on his website.


4, North Dakota (Lyle Lovett) – Joseph Paul

This is an electric version of one of Lyle’s best songs. The guitar work remains delicate but has added twang. Joseph’s vocal is a good match for the song too.


5, Wedding Bells (Hank Williams via Lissie) – Haley Amanda

Technically this is a cover of a cover, but none-the-less this is a great version. The Ironbath discovered Haley on YouTube whilst researching Lissie’s latest covers EP. She has covered everyone from Aerosmith to Lady Antebellum … and she is 15!



And finally there is this cover of Sara Watkin’s ‘All This Time’ by Eileen’s Revenge On … I’m afraid that it doesn’t quite make the Top 5 but it is still worth watching – for the dramatic opening if nothing else!


About Ironbath

The Ironbath is a passionate music lover.
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