Glen Campbell II: Gentle on my mind

Glen Campbell recently reached London on his final tour and he played one very special gig in front of 300 fans at the BBC Radio Theatre. This performance was broadcast on BBC Radio 2 In Concert series. You can stream the whole show for a limited time.

He played his most classic songs: ‘Galveston’, ‘By The Time I Get To Phoenix’, ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’ and of course ‘Wichita Lineman’ as well as several tracks from his final studio album.

He was accompanied by his children: Cal, Shannon & Ashley Campbell who form part of his band. There was a synthesised string section that recreated the orchestral feeling from ‘Ghost On The Canvas‘. He performs ‘It’s Your Amazing Grace’ with, Ashley, his daughter.


Glen’s voice is incredible for someone of 75 and each song has a punchy delivery even if he was – apparently – relying on the autocue. It has also been reported that performing the tour has helped his memory.

You can also listen to an interview with Glen, supported by his wife, on the BBC website.

The Ironbath would like to challenge anyone who wouldn’t count themselves as a Glen Campbell not to like these tracks. Afterall just a few weeks ago the Ironbath wouldn’t have counted himself a fan either … I guess after Glen has sold 45,000,000 albums it’s not too late to jump on to his bandwagon?


Any Trouble

The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress

Wichita Lineman

You can download a zipped up iPod friendly copy of the whole concert HERE. … And yes, Sherri, It does have a version of ‘In My Arms’ !


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The Ironbath is a passionate music lover.
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2 Responses to Glen Campbell II: Gentle on my mind

  1. ncsherri says:

    Thank you, IB, Glen and Jesus–in that order.

  2. waynebeamer says:

    Thanks Glen, IB, BBC and NCSherri!

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