Hallelujah – A new song & new album from Leonard Cohen

It is said that a soprano can produce a note so pure and high that it will shatter a glass held at arms length. The Ironbath is not sure whether that is an urban myth and only “proved” by the use of camera trickery, but if it is then it is likely that at the other end of the scale Leonard Cohen can cause fissures to develop in the solid rock beneath our feet.

The indefatigable Leonard Cohen is releasing a new collection of songs on 31st of January, and it is already an early contender for album of (next) year. ‘Old Ideas’ will be his 12th studio album some 45 years after his first and 8 years after his last. Leonard gave up singing some years ago, but has developed a style of talking in front of an orchestral score whilst relying on his old friends, Hattie & Charlie Webb – The Webb Sisters – to fill in beautiful harmonies in the background.

Direct Current has a preview track, ‘Show Me The Place’. It is pure Leonard Cohen…. so don’t go expecting a cheerful song. His voice sounds even earth-shakingly deeper than usual, and will surely strain the sub-woofer of the most expensive hi-fi. It won’t be challenging the charts, as Leonard is an acquired taste, but the Ironbath loves it.

Show Me The Place



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The Ironbath is a passionate music lover.
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