Chasing The Light

Great news dropped into the Ironbath’s in-box today. The Old Dance School, the Ironbath’s favourite English Folk band has announced a new album ‘Chasing The Light’ to be released officially next March, but unofficially is available to order now from their website. The first 50 copies will be signed…. although there is one fewer since the Ironbath has already ordered his copy.

Featured earlier this year in the Ironbath’s virtual English Folk festival as one of the Five Future Folkstars The Old Dance School has been on the Ironbath’s radar for a couple of years.

This preview from the new album is an instrumental called ‘From the Air’

They have a thoroughly modern folk sound based solidly on traditional foundations. It is an impressionistic sound that creates aural swirls as the tunes race in one direction and then chase back in the other. The phrasing of the compositions is perfect and the playing ability from each of the musicians is excellent but it is when Robin’s vocals cut in that sends the track up to a whole new place.

‘Craigie Hill’  is a traditonal folk song popularised by Dick Gaughan and more recently Cara Dillion.


The band has produced a short promo video that features excerpts from their festival performances this year as well as commentary about their new album. Like everything that they do it is beautifully made and sounds great.



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