Gretchen Peters – The “best of” & A Future Preview

NoiseTrade is a great source for discovering new music from unsigned bands. Of course you have to be prepared to listen through a lot of average music but hang around for a while and you’re bound to discover something great.

However it is increasingly being used by established artists to generate interest in their back catalogue prior to releasing a new album. Gretchen Peters has adopted this marketing approach with aplomb releasing a 15 track retrospective from her 7 album career as a pay-what-you-wish download.

Gretchen has been on the Ironbath’s radar for years since she is a favourite of legendary British DJ, Bob Harris OBE. However she has found more commercial success from others recording her songs. Martina McBride won her a Grammy nomination with ‘Independence Day’ but her songs have also been covered by Neil Diamond, Patty Loveless, Etta James & Faith Hill.

The Ironbath saw Gretchen Peters a couple of years ago at the Cambridge Folk Festival. She told a great story about ‘Independence Day’. I can’t quite remember the details but it went something like this: Apparently once a song has been published you don’t get to decide how it can be used, but you earn royalties. The Republican’s used the song heavily during the last election, against her wishes. So she transferred the rights so every time they played it the Republican party had to donate money to a Pro-life charity.

Gretchen is launching a new album ‘Hello Cruel World’ at the end of January and Direct Current have a preview track that features Gretchen dueting with Rodney Crowell on ‘Dark Angel’. The Ironbath thinks it sounds great and is looking forward to the album release.

Gretchen Peters & Rodney Crowell – Dark Angel


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