Benton … Benton, Benton … Benton … Jesus Christ!

Whilst Euro-geddon is threatening to knock out the economic systems of every nation in Europe like a row of dominoes, wiping out society as we know it, the Ironbath thought he’d spread a little smile amongst those that read this blog.

It all started a couple of weeks back in Richmond Park. Originally developed as a royal hunting ground a thousand years ago, Richmond Park is a huge expanse of land on the outskirts of London and surrounded by some very expensive houses.

A wannabe David Attenborough was using his mobile phone to film some of the deer when … well it’s best if you just watch what he recorded.

This video has been watched over 3 million times and Benton’s exasperated owner has become an unwitting viral video star.

And that would have been the end of the story were it not for the British ingenuity and sense of humour that has resulted in dozens of spoof spin-offs where the audio from the original has been added to classic movies and other scenarios…. with hilarious consequences.

The Lion King


The Good The Bad & The Ugly


Sheepdog Trials


Star wars




wildebeest Migration


Jurassic Park


OMG Benton!


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The Ironbath is a passionate music lover.
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