Please Don’t Chop Another Christmas Tree

 Try as I might the Ironbath can’t find the Christmas spirit this year. Blame the unseasonably mild weather or the impending collapse of the European monetary system, either way it just doesn’t feel like Christmas. What has 2011 been for? Why is it that most people in the world are less well off now than they were a year ago? And what do we have to look forward to – except being even less well off next year?

May be it’d be best all round if we just skipped this year. Afterall none of us can afford it so lets give ourselves a break. Take down those lights, put away the decorations, take back those presents and freeze all that food. Spend the weekend doing something you’d rather do instead. Put on a CD, pour a glass of wine and let this season pass you by.

And here is a CD that will help. Every year the Ironbath produces an Anti-Christmas compilation. A selection of songs that tries to capture the true sentiment of Christmas: The dread, the fear, anxiety, pain, sorrow and regret. So if 2011 didn’t work out for you then this is for you.

You can download the compilation as a zip complete with artwork by clicking the link below:

Anti-Christmas 2011: Please Don’t Chop Another Christmas Tree (zip)

1 – Winter Song – Sarah Dawn Finer
2 – The Last Polar Bear – O’Hooley & Tidow
3 – I Don’t Want A Lot – Anna Gilbert
4 – Hard To Change – Meg Hutchinson
5 – Cold Wind – Joshua Hyslop
6 – Snow – Sleeping At Last
7 – When The Thames Froze (Live ) – Smith & Burrows
8 – I Believe In Father Christmas – Choir Of Angels ft Nerina Pallot
9 – Should Have Been Snow – Devon Sproule
10 – River – Lex Land
11 – Christmas Dirge – Nellie McKay
12 – Tracks In The Snow – The Civil Wars
13 – Identical Snowflakes – Hem
14 – What You’re Wishing For – Juliana Finch
15 – I’ll Be Home For Christmas – Tift Merritt
16 – Happy Christmas (War Is Over) – Maroon 5
17 – Wherever You Are (Instrumental) – The Band Of The Black Watch
18 – Oh December – Jane Taylor
19 – The Christmas Song (Live) – Rebecca Ferguson


About Ironbath

The Ironbath is a passionate music lover.
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3 Responses to Please Don’t Chop Another Christmas Tree

  1. Ironbath, I’ve been meaning to get in touch as I loved this playlist. Thank you for introducing me to Jane Taylor as this was a lovely surprise towards the end of the playlist.
    A wonderful list that I will be pulling out again and again x

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