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A journey through song in pictures

Each year, apart from the first when inexplicably I hardly took any photos, the Ironbath has made a photoshow to try to capture the feeling of Cayamo through the photographs taken. The slide show is given a soundtrack that is … Continue reading

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Lovers in a dangerous time

The Ironbath’s head is full of anticipation towards Cayamo at the moment. Therefore I shall keep this short and just play you a beautiful tune. Frazey Ford (formerly of the Be Good Tanya’s) presenting a cover of fellow Canadian, Bruce … Continue reading

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More memories from Cayamo: Rachel Stump

The Ironbath has been reflective about past Cayamo, and so his mind turned back to Rachel Stump who was a passenger on Cayamo 2008 & 2009 proving that it is not just the artists on the bill that have an … Continue reading

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Bringing colour to life

It is a fact of life that more time and money is spent on making a commercial than the programmes that it interrupts. But leave that aside for a moment and just enjoy this video for Canon. Instantaneous 3 dimensional … Continue reading

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Looking back to the first Cayamo Pt 2

The first Cayamo in 2008 was simply the greatest experience. These five songs are a special memory of that journey for the Ironbath. . The Bowmans – Make It Last . The Bowmans – a twin sister duo – got on the boat by winning … Continue reading

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Looking back to the first Cayamo Pt I

It was around May 2007 that the Ironbath first read about a music festival that was being held on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. It all started when I checked The Duhks website to see if they were coming … Continue reading

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One to watch in 2012: Callaghan

Callaghan is a Londoner who moved out to the US in 2010 and made her debut album ‘Life In Full Colour’ with Cayamoan legend, Shawn Mullins producing. Her musical style is kind of Anglo-Americana – a genre type that I doubt you’ll find … Continue reading

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