One to watch in 2012: Megan Henwood

The Ironbath has mentioned Meghan Henwood before. Her album ‘Making Waves’ is still getting a little radio play which is likely to build up as the BBC Folk Awards approach since Megan is nominated for the Horizon award. She describes it as “a grown-up award” having previously won the 2009 Young Folk Singer award. All of the artists who have previously won the Horizon award are now well known folksters, so there will be a lot resting on the decision on February 8th.

Her style is of a light and breezey folk. Almost pop-folk. But there is a depth in her songs. ‘Making Waves’ is a call to arms – It is the closest to a protest song that the Ironbath has heard in years (Why don’t people write protest songs anymore? – afterall it is not as if there is a shortage of things worth protesting???).  Megan’s music is perfect for a summer festival.

Megan performed a live session with Bob Harris on Bob’s overnight show accompanied by Tom Michell and Matthew Forbes and it sounded great.

Making Waves

Hope On The Horizon

White Lies

The Ironbath suspects that win or lose on February 8th, Megan will move higher up the bill on the festival circuit this summer. Her sound is radio-friendly and she has a few more sessions booked including with the influential Sir Terry Wogan. Who knows, she might just make it as the next KT Tunstall!

Fingers crossed.


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