One to watch in 2012: Callaghan

Callaghan is a Londoner who moved out to the US in 2010 and made her debut album ‘Life In Full Colour’ with Cayamoan legend, Shawn Mullins producing. Her musical style is kind of Anglo-Americana – a genre type that I doubt you’ll find catalogued in HMV.


This is a fan created video for one of her more beautiful songs. It features somewhat emm … *exotic* images which is quite effective imagery to go with the music.


Callaghan sold out a 1,000 copies of her album in pre-release to fans and at shows and the official release is later this year. Last Saturday she played a packed concert at Eddies Attic. She has had some radio play in the UK and has put together a good website. It seems as if she has manoeuvred together all of the components for a major assault on the music industry and is just waiting to pounce.

The Ironbath doesn’t know whether it is a good thing or not but it is a fact that there are a 1,000 female artists with excellent voices and well crafted songs out there, and 999 will fade to obscurity. Shawn Mullins thinks she is special, though, “The world needs more singer songwriters like Callaghan. In a time where mediocrity is seen as brilliant, Callaghan truly shines through as the real deal. Her voice is original and pure, and she is one of the greatest unsigned talents I’ve ever heard.”

May be Callaghan is that one in a thousand who finds a niche.


About Ironbath

The Ironbath is a passionate music lover.
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