More memories from Cayamo: Rachel Stump

The Ironbath has been reflective about past Cayamo, and so his mind turned back to Rachel Stump who was a passenger on Cayamo 2008 & 2009 proving that it is not just the artists on the bill that have an amazing talent. Here are 3 videos that demonstrate her fantastic voice.

‘Leave It Alone’ is an original composition from October 2011. It is a great song and a really good performance.


Rachel is a friend of Mieka Pauley and this cover of ‘Elija’ has a rockier edge than Mieka’s original.


On Cayamo 2009 Rachel performed a set in her cabin that included this song, ‘Joey’, originally by Concrete Blonde…. “It is about a marsupial”



About Ironbath

The Ironbath is a passionate music lover.
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