Lovers in a dangerous time

The Ironbath’s head is full of anticipation towards Cayamo at the moment. Therefore I shall keep this short and just play you a beautiful tune. Frazey Ford (formerly of the Be Good Tanya’s) presenting a cover of fellow Canadian, Bruce Cockburn‘s classic, ‘Lovers In A Dangerous Time’.


Frasey’s voice is so enchanting that the Ironbath once spent an hour at a coffee shop in Nelson, BC, just because they were playing ‘Chinatown’.

The Ironbath met Frazey once when she was playing in the UK. She’d just released her first solo album, ‘Obadiah’, so it seemed natural to ask her where she got the title from. She replied that it was her name: Frazey Obadiah Ford. It turns out that when she was born her parents offered her young brothers the opportunity to name their new sibling. The story goes that their cat called Obadiah had recently run away, hence they decided to give their sister the name of their sorely missed pet.


About Ironbath

The Ironbath is a passionate music lover.
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