A dash of Lucinda Williams and a dollop of Mary Chapin Carpenter

The promo material for Jess Klein claims a soundness (an aural likeness – a new definition for the word that the Ironbath claims to have invented!) with Brandi Carlile, Stevie Nicks & Lucinda Williams. Quite an unholy trinity of female power vocalists if ever there were!

It was enough to pique the Ironbath’s interest.


There is a dash of Lucinda Williams, but alas the Ironbath couldn’t detect any Brandi Carlile and just a smidgen of Stevie Nicks. However, there is a dollop of Mary Chapin Carpenter in some of her lyrics.

The Ironbath’s favourite place to discover unsigned artists, NoiseTrade, is featuring her new album, ‘Behind A Veil’ where you can stream it, and if you like it, download it for free and leave a tip (suggested $6). From her website you can even download a pdf copy of the accompanying lyric booklet.

Overall the songs on the album are strong, with enough to differentiate from the rest of the genre to make it well worth a listen. One of the strongest tracks (and one that sounds a little like one of Lucinda’s, but without her gravelly voice), ‘Wilson Street Serenade’ is a co-write with Danny Schmidt. ‘Tell Me This Is Love’ is a radio friendly up tempo number featuring lap steel solos which could be easily mistaken as one of Mary Chapin Carpenter’s jollier songs. ‘Simple Love’ with its haunting intro and easy word play is the Ironbath’s favourite track, although of course he is always a sucker for a slow love song.

Jess has been playing for a few years, and this is her eighth album. She has been signed to major labels in the past but this is a self released album. From the YouTube performances it sounds as if ‘Beneath A Veil’ has a little more poke than some of her earlier recordings. If the Ironbath ran a radio station it would be the type of music that he would feature. Alas, Jess is performing in a crowded marketplace and there are very few people who run radio stations with the same musical tastes as the Ironbath.


About Ironbath

The Ironbath is a passionate music lover.
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