Panic on the streets of London: The Westminster Spring

Whilst the Ironbath was away in Texas (more about that to follow!) there was a large-scale uprising on the streets of London as rebels sought to overthrow the monarchy by assembling under the Victoria Memorial on the night of June the 4th.

The protest started peacefully under the leadership of Ed Sheehan, Chairman of the youth wing of the opposition.


However events took a turn for the worse when the make-shift stage was invaded by protestors from around the Commonwealth including an intimidating group of Maasai warriors, 100 Military Wives, the blind Australian aboriginal, Gurrumul, and the de facto leaders of this splinter group, Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, Gary Barlow OBE, & Gareth Malone OBE.


The famous celtic rebel, Sir Tom Jones, led the insurrection with a rousing anthem promoting blood lust, and as the rioters chanted along with the call for violence, it was clear that the security forces had no response to such a massive invasion as they stood, greatly out-numbered, stoically facing the crowd.


Some senior members of the deposed royal family, encircled by the baying mob with no chance of escape formed a human shield against any potential air strike. Obviously in a desperate situation, some weakly mouthed the words of the anthems in an attempt to curry favour with their captors.

The final surge on the palace showed a group of radicals dressed in dark suits and sun glasses in an attempt to hide their identities capture the roof of Buckingham Palace. The splinter group, known to the crowd simply as Madness, used their newly acquired platform to chant subversive messages such as ‘It Must Be Love’


The well-known anarchist, Sir Paul McCartney, signalled the final blistering attack on the Palace and the institution it represents by launching countless mortars that left flames shooting out in to the London night sky. The crowd cheered at the wanton destruction calling for further attacks.


As the night sky was full of smoke from previous attacks flaming missiles were launched from the roof of the Palace directed at the most significant institutions.


The Royal Family were last seen fleeing down the Thames in a gaudy painted barge with the Queen shouting “full speed ahead” from her opulent throne as a 1,000 boats pursued the monarchy. It is thought that they have sought refugee status somewhere in the Middle East, although their exact location is unknown.


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