Meghan Arias – The blurry junction between music, poetry & love

The Ironbath has previously mentioned Meghan Coffee when he listed the Top 5 songs from the first Cayamo Journey Through Song. However now the Ironbath has some exciting news to pass on from Meghan.

#1 she is now trading under her married name of Meghan Arias and, #2, she is set to release her first new music since 2008. “The Cracks And The Crevices” EP will be released on July 10th. #3 she will be playing at the Eddie Owen Presents benefit at the Red Clay Theatre in Duluth on Sunday.

Eddie’s Attic – back in the days when it was controlled by Eddie – played an important role in her musical life. In 2005 she played a gig there that directly led to her joining Edwin McCain on tour and on a TV special hosted by Edwin filmed on the same stage. For a time they shared the same manager, and so when Edwin was invited on to Cayamo in 2008, Meghan was invited as well.

The song that had such an impact on the Ironbath back in 2008 was ‘Not Easy To Love’. It is a love ballad wrapped up in a letter written to a former lover. It captures the moment in a failing relationship when the final words are spoken. 4 and a half years later it still shuffles the hairs on the back of the Ironbath’s neck. You can hear a snippet on Amazon and it’ll only cost you 99 cents to download, which the Ironbath promises is well worth the investment.

Shortly after the first Cayamo returned to shore, Meghan released ‘Songs To Sail By’. It is a cinematic album that conjures beautiful images caught in moments of time. These are not songs about things but songs about emotions and feelings.

In her lyrics there is not a single misplaced word, and when she sings there is a fluidity in her vocal that melts into the instrumentation. Most start with Meghan at the piano and gradually develop into an enveloping soundscape.


Oh, and #4. In anticipation of ‘The Cracks And The Crevices’ Meghan has posted the entire ‘Songs To Sail By’ album on her BandCamp page where you can stream it or download on a pay-what-you-please basis. So pour a large glass of whatever you please, turn down the lights and let Meghan Arias take you to a world where music and poetry and love combine. I doubt you’ll be disappointed.


PS – It is worth reading this short blog by Andy Levine, CEO of Sixthman (organisers of Cayamo), after he finally got to hear Meghan perform back in 2008.




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2 Responses to Meghan Arias – The blurry junction between music, poetry & love

  1. Meghan Arias says:

    Thank you for being so awesome and writing this. You are a gem. I truly hope to hug your neck sooner than later.

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