Top 5 new names for Cayamo (PS they’re all girls!)

The Ironbath thought he would think outside the box – or should that be boat – and try to discover some potential new talent for Cayamo. Some of these names may have had an occassional mention but they haven’t featured significantly before. They represent a broad range of Cayamo styles from those that lean towards country, those that are more indie and those that tend towards something a little bit pop. What they all have in common is style, originality and, above all, talent.


Amber Rubarth

There is a sassy sparkle in Amber’s eyes and also in her sharp lyrics. She is the other half of The Paper Raincoat along with former Cayamoan, Alex Wong, who accompanied Vienna Teng during her sets. On her own Amber Rubarth has released a clutch of albums including last year’s ‘A Common Case Of Disappearing’ which features the track ‘Letter from My Lonelier Self’ that won Amber the Mountain Stage New Song contest in 2010.


You can replay her Mountain Stage session here. And you can download a 5 song sampler from her Bandcamp page.


Angel Snow

If you are looking for a recommendation it doesn’t come much better than the quote from Alison Krauss that features prominently on Angel Snow’s website: “When she sings I hold my breath.” Angel is the lyricist who worked with Viktor Krauss (Alison’s brother) to provide 3 songs for Alison’s global hit album ‘Paper Airplane’.

Viktor Krauss is producing Angel’s second solo effort due in August, but you needn’t wait till then as she has released a live album recorded at Eddie’s Attic through NoiseTrade. It is a pay-what-you-please deal and you can stream it for free.


Hannah Cohen

Hannah Cohen is a very serious girl.

Her music is sparse and follows along the traditions laid down by Laura Viers, Kathryn Williams and Laura Marling. But sparse can also be delicate, and these songs have a quality to them that calls out to be listened to. You might not appreciate them on the first listen, but listen again, and then again, and then you’ll find the melody is firmly rooted in your head.

Her debut album, ‘Child Bride’ was released in April.

She has had two appropriately spartan videos made to support her release – both are shot in black and white and only feature headshots – albeit in one she appears to be laying down in a puddle. The Ironbath can’t imagine how they sold her that idea!

You can download her recent Daytrotter session for a nominal fee.



The Pierces

The sisters, Allison and Catherine Pierce from Alabama, resident in New York, made quite a stir in the UK last summer where their song ‘Kissing You Goodbye’ achieved frequent radio rotation and earnt them billing amongst much better known pop acts at a charity concert in Hyde Park broadcast live on BBC Radio.

Their overnight success was a product of 11 years touring and 5 albums. But they have finally found their recognition, and it looks as if their bandwagon is continuing to roll. They are supporting Coldplay on a world-wide tour and have recently performed on Letterman and Jay Leno.



Jesca Hoop

There are all kinds of ways to get your break in the music industry. Jesca Hoop found a more unique route in. She was the nanny to Tom Waits’ children, and lo and behold Tom made a call on her behalf describing her music as “like going swimming in a lake at night.”

Her latest album, ‘The House That Jack Built’ is released today.


Jesca Hoop has traded the California sun for the Manchester mist and has integrated some northern phrases into this song. Wikipedia catalogues her music as Folk, Jazz, Blues, Pop and Experimental. This track falls into the latter category, but don’t let that put you off! Indeed if there is only one video on this blog that you watch today, the Ironbath recommends this one.


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The Ironbath is a passionate music lover.
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