Charlene Soraia – Live from the crypt

Yesterday the Ironbath introduced you to Charlene Soraia of tea drinking fame. But the video of Charlene singing in the tea commercial doesn’t do justice to her guitar playing or her own song writing. Whilst doing a little research the Ironbath stumbled across an internet gem – The Crypt Sessions – a kind of English version of Daytrotter.

A few months ago Charlene recorded a session at the Crypt, that is so well put together I thought I would replay it in full. It starts with a brief interview, and then 3 original tunes.

Interview with Charlene Soraia.


Wishing You Well






I know that I’ve said it before but truly Charlene Soraia is something very special. When the Ironbath saw her at Cambridge she volunteered to sign CDs at the end of the show: nothing strange about that perhaps. Except that it was literally the whole population of the venue that joined the line to meet Charlene. She was still there when the next act was waiting to come on stage, so she and the remaining line moved outside. Inevitably she sold out CDs but still spoke to everyone. Later she tweeted that it was the 3rd festival in a row where that had happened.

The Ironbath is willing to stake whatever is left of his reputation that by this time next year a far greater number of people will know Charlene Soraia, and that she’ll still be selling out CDs everytime she appears on stage.


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The Ironbath is a passionate music lover.
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