The Golden Bath’s 2013: Song Of The Year

Gold BathThe next category for the Golden Bath of 2013 is Song of the Year. Here are the nominations in the Ironbath’s order of appreciation.

12 Steve EarleThe Low Highway

Heard an old man grumble and a young girl cry
Brick wall crumble and the white dove fly
And a cry for justice and a call for peace
Force of reason in the roar of the beast


11 Amy SpeaceThe Fortunate Ones

We are the drunks and the dreamers
The criers and cheaters
The ones you’ll find down on our knees
We are the fortunate ones


10 Brandy ClarkTake A Little Pill

If you ever lose a lover
Or you wanna lose some weight
What you can’t cure
You can medicate


9 Over The RhineAll Of It Was Music

The night was bending in a grin
As streetlight shadows tattooed skin
Whatever we were tangled in
All of it was music


8 Jason IsbellElephant

There’s one thing that’s real clear to me
no one dies with dignity
We just try to ignore the elephant somehow
We just try to ignore the elephant somehow


7 Lindi OrtegaTin Star

Well if the music wasn’t running
Through the blood in my veins
I might  just walk away
Oh I would walk away


6 Chris WoodNone The Wiser

Out here in our market towns with our pound shops and our bookies, the Argos catalogue is our tormentor
Saw a young lad and his mum, he all but held her hand as they went  in to the army recruitment centre
I just had my monthly meet with the job clerk supervisor, as she signed me off I was none the wiser.


5 The Milk Carton KidsMemphis

Now the sun goes down over Dolly Parton bridge
The one-time home of Soul takes our country’s final breath


4 London GrammarWasting My Young Years

I’m wasting my young years
It doesn’t matter here
I’m chasing more ideas
It doesn’t matter here


3 Amy Speace with John FullbrightThe Sea & The Shore

Said the Sea to the Shore, I swore that I’d return
And here I am with all that I have learned
I can hold you now with arms of foam spray
Touching you the coming of dusk and the breaking of day
Smoothing out the fold on every stone
Said the Sea to the Shore, don’t leave me here alone”

Said the Shore to the Sea “You’ve said all these things before
And I tell you, I can’t hear them anymore
Oh, there was a time once I’d have given in
I’d hear your savage white caps rolling in
Your troughs would come up slow beneath my chin
Your mist would kiss me softly on my skin
Leaving the salty trails where you had been
My legs would give out in your undertow
Oh but Sea, that was a long, long time ago”


2 Jason IsbellTravelling Alone

And I’ve grown tired of traveling alone
Tired of traveling alone
I’ve grown tired of traveling alone
Won’t you ride with me?


1 Bella HardyThree Pieces Of My Heart

So a warning take by me
Don’t share your love for free
For men will lie as surely as there’s salt in the salt sea

About Ironbath

The Ironbath is a passionate music lover.
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