Golden Bath’s 2013: Moments of the Year

Gold BathSo far the Ironbath has given awards to Jason Isbell for Album of the Year, Bella Hardy for Song of the Year and Ethan Johns for Concert of the Year, but there are more awards to be given for those people and events that caused a musical moment in 2013. And there were plenty of amazing moments to choose from .

Everyone is a winner in this list, but none more so than the Ironbath himself, who, by the grace of god and the magic of mastercard got to experience these moments in 2013. There is no order in this list, all 10 were exquisite moments – Well 9 were exquisite, at least.

The AMA Award Show, The Ryman, Nashville, Sept 2013.

AMA - Day 1 (988)When you see these star studded award shows on TV, especially those from another country, it seems unreal, but the Ironbath got to see the 2013 awards 2 hr live broadcast show for himself at the Ryman. The experience was made so much more potent by the accompanying friends from Cayamo. It was an amazing moment.


Rodney Crowell, Songwriting Talk, Country Music Hall of Fame

AMA - Day 4 (62)The Ironbath started this year by reading ‘Chinaberry Sidewalk’, Rodney Crowell’s memoir, which is an amazing piece of literature about a poor kid growing up in 1950’s Houston who got to see Hank Williams & Johnny Cash live. Then the Ironbath met Rodney on Cayamo, both at Breakfast in the Great Outdoors, and saw him rock out in the Stardust. At the AMA awards the Ironbath saw Rodney perform a beautiful duet with Emmylou Harris, and then the highlight was listening to Rodney talk so eloquently about song writing right in front of him at the Ford theatre in the Country Music Hall Of Fame. It is memory that shall live on for a long time.


Paul Kelly, Stories Of Me, Nashville Public Library

AMA - Day 4 (157)The Ironbath first saw Australian, Paul Kelly, at the Edmonton Folk Festival in 2003. A few years later the Ironbath befriended an Australian who had been a friend of Kelly’s in Apollo Bay, Australia. Then the radar went silent until autumn 2012 when he saw the Ozzie legend at a small music club in Bristol. The AMA festival included the US premier of a documentary about Kelly, Stories of Me. After the showing Paul Kelly was interviewed and played some songs live. It was a great moment, and one that occurred just an hour or so after the Rodney Crowell moment.


Amy Speace, Miami, Jan 2013

Cayamo 2013 (30)Cayamo has connected the Ironbath to music on a far more personal level than he could ever have imagined. This went a level further when he got to introduce Amy Speace onto stage at the unofficial Cayamo pre-party in January 2013. It was a lesson learnt by everyone involved in the operation that if you are going to promote a concert it is best done many 1,000’s of miles from home, in a venue that you’ve never seen, run by people you don’t know. Oh, and if it coincides with longest ever game of American Football, then all the better! That was a moment that the Ironbath will remember!


Dawes & Richard Thompson, ‘Calvary Cross’, Pool Deck, Cayamo, January 2013

There was only one Cayamo gig  on the Ironbath’s Concert of the Year list, but that is largely because Cayamo is more about ‘moments’ than concerts. One of those moments was seeing Richard Thompson join Dawes on the pool deck stage one evening. It was just a perfect musical moment.


Jim Bianco, Stardust, Cayamo, January 2013

Another moment from the same week was the midnight Jim Bianco show on Cayamo, and not just for Grandma Jane’s interpretation of ‘That’s what she said’, but because this show was such a comic relief from the rest of the performances that week.


Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, ‘Cinnamon Girl’, Daytrotter, January 2013

The Ironbath is a great advocate of Daytrotter. In fact, in the year he received an email thanking him for the numbers of people he has introduced to the site. Occasionally you can listen to the sessions as they are being recorded. With the time difference this is rarely a feature that the Ironbath uses. The first and only time was when he stumbled onto the epic 3 hr 20 live recording of a session by Grace Potter & The Nocturnals just as they recorded a cover of Neil Young’s ‘Cinnamon Girl’. It took a couple of takes but the unravelling of what turned out o be one of the best songs, from the best Daytrotter session of the year was a most memorable musical moment.

You can replay the live stream here, ‘Cinnamon Girl’ starts at the 45 min mark, or you can listen to the finished session here.


Meghan Arias, Atlanta, Sept 2013

The Ironbath first knew of Meghan Coffee (as she was back then) in the early days of 2008 when they first begun a conversation on MySpace that continued on the first Cayamo expedition. After many years they got back in touch via Facebook, and so when the Ironbath found himself in Atlanta last year he got to meet Meghan, and her husband, Zach, for the first time in over 5 years. He even got to see their studio in Decatur. That was one of the best moments of 2013.

This is Meghan’s music page, and a previous article I wrote about Meghan is here.


Buddy & Jim, Atlanta, Feb 2013

Buddy and jim

The Ironbath made 2 visits to Atlanta last year. The first was a flying visit after The Rock Boat to surprise fellow Cayamoan’s at the Buddy (Miller) & Jim (Lauderdale) show at the Variety Theatre in Atlanta. A dinner was organised before the show, and we found ourselves in the same establishment that Buddy & Jim were visiting. Jim came and welcomed us all personally to his show!


Farrisgate, 3rd & Lindsey, Nashville, Sept 2013

AMA - Day 4 (756)Not every moment was a good moment in 2013. There was the time at the final showcase of the AMA Festival that Mike Farris stopped his set in the middle of his somewhat over-the-top, egotistical rendition of Mary Gauthier’s ‘Mercy Now’, to point out that the Ironbath had no rhythm in front of 1000ish people….. Wanker!


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The Ironbath is a passionate music lover.
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  1. Sherri Nielson says:

    I wondered what had happened between you and Mike Farris. Now I know. Wanker, is right!

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