About the Ironbath

The Ironbath is passionate about music – and a few other things but mainly it is the music that floats his boat. Broadly his type of music is described as singer-songwriter/acoustic/folk/blues/americana but the Ironbath is normally pretty keen on anything that sounds different, sounds new or plain and simple just sounds good.

The Ironbath has been on the first six Cayamo and is booked for the seventh sailing in February. It is often said that music can change your life, and it has surely shaped and formed the Ironbath’s life, but Cayamo – the event of performing live music on a luxury cruise ship in the Carribean in the presence of friends – has equally effected his life.

This blog has been created to share the Ironbath’s love of music, and possibly a few other things along the way.

Oh, and who is the Ironbath? – Well, does anyone actually know who they really are?


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