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Does it make you happy?

Cynics might say that there is nothing in the music industry and hasn’t been done before. That everything turns in a great circle and that the only new ideas are actually those that are being recycled from the past. …. And … Continue reading

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The Coolest Sign In America

This is probably one of the coolest signs that the Ironbath has seen in America. Located on “Dirty” Sixth Street in Austin (of course, where else?), there is a priority traffic lane for musicians. Okay, so the lane isn’t very … Continue reading

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Bringing colour to life

It is a fact of life that more time and money is spent on making a commercial than the programmes that it interrupts. But leave that aside for a moment and just enjoy this video for Canon. Instantaneous 3 dimensional … Continue reading

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Benton … Benton, Benton … Benton … Jesus Christ!

Whilst Euro-geddon is threatening to knock out the economic systems of every nation in Europe like a row of dominoes, wiping out society as we know it, the Ironbath thought he’d spread a little smile amongst those that read this blog. It all started … Continue reading

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English Folk II: The wit of the working man.

If there is one family that stands at the forefront of the English Folk scene it is of course the Watersons. Norma, Mike and Lal (Elaine) Waterson were orphaned and brought up by their grandmother in a working class environment in Hull. They … Continue reading

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Something old, something borrowed, something blue

Something Old Bristolian comedian and wannabe rock legend, Justin Lee Collins, sat in on the Dermot O’Leary show this week whilst Dermot was off “hugging idiots” as JLC described Dermot’s role co-presenting the UK’s X-Factor TV show. One of his guests … Continue reading

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